Personalised Books

At Mind+Matter we deal with the many problems and situations that face young children in a fun and unique way.

We have developed uniquely personalised books. We collaborate with leading child psychologists and non-profit organisations to structure stories that initiate positive behavioural development and improve young lives.

Our software development enables actual photos of the child and their friends and family to feature at the centre of each story.

This level of personalisation is proven to enhance message effectiveness.

Dr Anna Symonds

“The message is clearly reinforced by the child seeing pictures of their actual self...”

Dr Anna Symonds

Consultant Clinical Psychologist
BA (HONS), MSc, DClinPsy, CPsychol, CSci, AFBPSS

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What our customers say

Not only did it stop my son from biting, it very quickly became his favourite book.

Mike. Manchester.

Can't begin to say how delighted I am with the book. Isla is looking forward to starting Nursery after just two days of us getting the book.

Natalie. Boston.

Great quality book. I know we will keep this book forever.

Jess. Norwich.

It worked! Dry bed for the first time!!!! Thank you.

Katie. London.