The Good Goodbye - A personalised book helping your child understand and deal with grief

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"This heartwarming story is a previously published book that we have collaborated on to create the perfect personalised story and memory book for helping a child through grief. Loss of a loved one is a very sensitive topic, especially for a child trying to understand their emotions, this book is here to help them remember all the good memories and assist in understanding and accepting whatever emotions they may be feeling. The Good Goodbye can be adapted to fit any friend, family member or pet that has recently passed. Although we do ask for photos, these are handled carefully and sensitively to ensure your loved ones are remembered in the best possible way. "

“ Its so amazing to see my memory book in this personalised format, it was such a help to my family I know it will help so many others!

Meet the Author
Jennifer Cheek was born and raised in Marietta, Georgia. After working in the dental field for over 14 years, she could not ignore the feeling that there was more to her life than what she was doing. Two years had gone by after losing her grandfather, but her son, Griffin, was not moving on. Griffin has autism and did not understand where his Papaw had gone. One night, Jennifer woke up with the words of this book in her head and quickly wrote it all down. What started as a story to help her son heal quickly turned into something bigger. Publishing began and the rest is history.

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