I'm A Healthy Eater. - A personalised book encouraging your child to eat healthily

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The benefits to children of a healthy diet are undisputed. Good habits developed at an early age, stand children in good stead for their entire life. As parents we know the theory - but putting it in to practice can be challenging. This book will help you get the message across in a fun and positive way.

“ Children adopt lifelong eating and lifestyle habits in their early years, so encouraging them to eat well and move more will help ensure they get all the energy and nutrients they need for healthy growth and development.

Meet the Author
Helen Bond is one of the UK’s leading dietitians with 24 years’ experience in food, diet and it’s relationship to health. Passionate about communicating the role of good nutrition towards positive health and wellbeing, she now runs her own successful dietetic practice in Melbourne, Derbyshire, where she provides consultancy for food companies and regularly writes and provide expert comment on nutrition news stories for magazines and national newspapers.

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