Our Story

Our StoryWe are passionate about creating fun and effective ways for parents to assist young minds to develop.

The catalyst for Mind and Matter was a biting incident that nearly lead to our founder, Simon, having his young son Charlie, excluded from nursery school. Being from a design and print background, Simon mocked up a short story book that featured images of Charlie and his friends and family and tackled the matter head on. Not only did the book propel immediate behavioural improvement it also became a bedtime reading favourite and in time, a fun family keepsake.

Simon was left in no doubt that by making visual images of Charlie the centerpiece of the story, engagement was much easier and the key messages were absorbed more willingly. Further collaboration with respected child psychologist Dr Anna Symonds proved to be a true meeting of minds. Dr Symonds had been creating ’social stories’ of her own for some time to assist in private patient consultations. She loved the idea of being able to personalise the messages further with facial images. They both believed that this approach could be hugely beneficial to a much wider audience of young minds.

For the final piece of the jigsaw, Simon approached Richard Arm, Senior Research Fellow at Nottingham Trent University’s School of Art and Design and enlisted the services of talented Artist and Illustrator Anthony Greentree. Their aim was to create a visual style that would be engaging to children but also allow the insertion of facial images from an online technological standpoint. Their final design concepts drew much of their inspiration from the Paddington Bear series that Simon had enjoyed as a child in the seventies.

Mind and Matter was born with an emphasis on developing strong, psychologically proven messages combined with compelling graphic design that places your child at the centre of the story. We sincerely hope you enjoy our website and look forward to hearing of your successful experiences with our books.