I Look After My Teeth - A personalised book encouraging your child to care for their teeth

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Everyone loves a child’s bright, white smile. This book will assist your child to understand the importance of oral hygiene and help them appreciate that a little effort each day goes a long, long way.

“ Clean teeth stay healthy! Good oral hygiene is determined in childhood, so it is vital that your child’s dental experience is positive and that good habits are acquired early on.

Meet the Author
Dr. Nicole Sturzenbaum holds a dentistry degree, a postgraduate certificate in paediatric dentistry and a doctorate (Dr med dent) in paediatric dentistry. Nicole worked in paediatric dental practices for 7 years, then relocated to London to establish in 2008 Toothbeary an innovative award-winning children’s only dental practice. Nicole has published in numerous national and international scientific journals and regularly features as an expert regarding children’s dental health matters in television, radio and newspapers.

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