I Stay Safe - A personalised book to encourage children to be responsible about their personal safety

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This is a fun book with a very serious and important underlying message. The dangers that abound in the world are well publicised. This book assists parents to communicate the importance of using good judgement in a range of human interactions.

“ One of the biggest challenges facing any parent is how to give your child enough freedom to learn for themselves whilst fulfilling that most basic parental duty to keep your child safe.

Meet the Author
Geoff joined Action Against Abduction in 2012 to produce a major study of child abduction in the UK (‘Taken’) in collaboration with (what is now) the National Crime Agency-CEOP Command. He was awarded a Police Commendation for the quality of this research. Geoff published ‘Beyond Stranger Danger’ in 2014 which has paved the way for the development of Safe, Not Scared – the charity’s new initiative to offer parents and teachers effective abduction prevention materials. In 2007 he became Director of Policy and Research at Missing People, where he led a major programme of research on missing persons and the impact of going missing.

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