The Pirate Kids. - A personalised book perfect for up to four friends or siblings

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This exciting book puts your child and up to 3 friends or siblings at the very centre of this swashbuckling story. 'The Pirate Kids’ will engage your child in the pleasures of story telling whilst at the same time encouraging good behaviour, it's sure to become a treasured bedtime favourite.

“ Written a few years ago for my own children, I'm delighted to now see my book in a personalised format for more children to enjoy!

Meet the Author
Dr. Elizabeth Milovidov is a lawyer, law professor, author and mother based in France who specialises in Child Online Protection and Digital Parenting. She is an independent expert for the Council of Europe and provides support to Internet Matters, UK Safer Internet Centre and the Family Online Safety Institute. She works internationally, speaks and holds workshops.

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